Digital Slavery – The Ultimate Roadmap

A quick guide of troubling issues in our digital lifestyle.


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Digital Slavery is a quick topic-oriented roadmap to troubling issues in our digital lifestyle.
Each thematic post has a contextual introduction and presents some major emerging problems. Relevant articles and examples are given. Reference resources are included for further research. Topics for discussion are proposed to encourage reader participation and interaction via online comments.

Digital Slavery deals with the real impact of current and antecipated technology in our increasingly digital society.
I’ll cover the impact mainly on people’s work, communication, habits, education, health, family, relationships, networking, history, gaming, gadgets, sex, culture, religion and leisure.

Digital Slavery was launched at in February 2009, after a few years brewing in the back of my mind. It will expand gradually with new topics, some of them a tiny bit controversial.

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Ricardo Silva, editor of 'Digital Slavery'Digital Slavery is edited by Ricardo Silva, an almost-forty technologist that regards technology impact on everyday life with an healthy dose of skepticism.
A software developer since he was a teen back in the 80’s, was fortunate enough to watch the rise of the internet in the 90’s, even before Marc Andreessen start dreaming about Mosaic and the Web.

Dissecting the evolving digital trends since then is one of his passions.

In the late 90’s, edited an high-profile portal on online activism and co-coordinated an online petition that led to a new law regarding online accessibility.
In October 2008 launched a modest but rather feel-good free ebook about a very real skydive jump, and managed to collaborate with the worldwide BookCrossing network and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Lives across the river Tagus (overlooking Lisbon, in sunny Portugal), with his wife and two enchanting daughters.


I’ll be delighted to hear your comments in this blog or through your messages to:

Take care. And thank you for visiting.


Written by RicardoNunoSilva

2009/02/19 at 16:47

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